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Wild, Love, Free, Strong

For the wild ones, this one is for you. Finally, a belt to promote the WILD, LOVE, FREE and STRONG lifestyle. Liberate your hands and reclaim your freedom with an open mind and unbridled soul.

Crafted in Indonesia from high quality goatskin, the Freedom Belt is a versatile design that meets convenience and functionality. 

The Freedom Belt features two flat pockets, one zippered pouch, and a button snap pouch to securely hold your smart phone, wallet, and other essentials.

There’s also two sturdy leather loops on each side to clip your glasses on, a water bottle, keys and so much more. Throw on, head out, live stylishly, hands free. The perfect fanny pack.

Meet Deborah

Birth of the Brand

Designed in the hills of California, the Freedom Belt is truly a product of its environment; made for the canyon trails and stylish enough to seamlessly transition to the city streets.